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Creating and Setting Up Your Setlist on

A step-by-step guide to creating your music setlist on the platform.

Step One: Access Your Dashboard

After logging into your account on, you will be landed onto your artist dashboard. This is where you can oversee and manage your various tools and features.

Step Two: Navigate to the Setlists Section

On the left side menu of your dashboard, find and click on "Setlists". This will redirect you to the setlist management section of your account.

Step Three: Create a New Setlist

Click the "Create New Setlist" button. This will prompt a pop-up form where you could enter the name of your new setlist. Consider a name that captures the nature or mood of the songs you're adding. After entering your preferred name, click "Create".

Step Four: Add or Upload Songs to your Setlist

Now with your new setlist created, it's time to populate it with your songs. You can add each song manually by clicking on the "Add Song" button and then entering the title of your song on the text box that appears. If you have a pre-prepared list, clicking "Upload Songs" will allow you to add multiple songs at once.

Step Five: Save and Publish your Setlist

Once you've added all your desired songs, click the "Save" button. Your new setlist is now created and ready to be added to your landing page or anywhere else you desire it to be displayed.

Step Six: Add your Setlist to Your Landing Page

If you wish to include your setlist to your landing page, navigate back to "Landing Pages" from your dashboard. Then, select the landing page to which you want to add the setlist. Find "Setlists" on your page editing panel, and select the setlist you just created from the dropdown menu. Click "Save" to update your landing page with your new setlist.

Remember, you can create, edit, and manage multiple setlists for different events or themes.'s setlist feature is designed to make your song organization as convenient and efficient as possible. If you encounter any issues or have further questions, our support team is always ready to

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